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North Vancouver’s Alchemy Centre has small group Yoga classes that are ideal for anyone interested in becoming healthier, both in mind and body.

In its most basic form, Yoga is stretching and breathing, with the result being a more limber body, combined with a calmer soul and spirit. Of course, proper technique targeted to the group’s level of fitness is essential, and we have the Yoga instructors that combine unsurpassed knowledge of this wellness art with the personal attention and friendliness our clients are accustomed to.

Sandra teaches a specific yoga class called MO-YO. MO-YO stands for modified yoga for mobility. It includes modified yoga poses and practices for the purpose of improving mobility . We take awesome yoga poses and break them down into mobility moves that everyone can actually do – today. Tight necks, frozen shoulders, sore wrists, stiff backs, restricted hips, arthritic knees and rigid ankles all need mobility to function better. The class is geared to keep ALL your joints moving with more ease. Whatever your starting point, start today to feel better tomorrow.

Somatic Classes

What is Somatics?
Somatics is a sensory and movement re-education process. With the stress of daily modern life skeletal muscles acquire more tension than intended which results in chronically tight muscles causing strain on the body that becomes habitual and unconscious. Somatics works to consciously re-connect your mind & muscles and allow re-education to happen for more comfortable and easy state of being and movement. Somatic education is a process of bringing awareness back to the whole body through slowing down to become aware of sensation and to cognitively guide contraction and relaxation (pandiculation) of your muscles to allow re-calibration to a more natural and relaxed state.

Your Somatic’s educator will lead you through movement patterns of muscle contraction & relaxation to release the most common type of stress/reflex patterns of tension in the body. Guided movements are encouraged as gentle contractions and slow intentional relaxation making for a “safe” experience of truly listening to one’s body.

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Yoga is best taught in a class setting, but like everything else we do at Alchemy Centre, “personal attention” is first and foremost. In plain terms, different bodies stretch differently, and having a small class allows our instructors to give each student proper attention, allowing for an individualized approach. This means the positions and progressions can be adapted to your body, resulting in a safe, effective Yoga regimen that will have your body feeling limber, and your mind at ease.


Often, Yoga is one of the first steps one can take in an overall wellness program. If you’re looking to both change your body and your outlook, then starting a Yoga class at Alchemy Centre is a fantastic start to the “new you”. Click the above button to book a class today.

meditation classes 

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