group training


small group

The perfect compromise between one-on-one personal training and large group classes are Alchemy Centre’s small group personal training classes. 

What we do is lead small group classes in safe, effective fitness techniques. The groups run with 2-6 participants, and are custom-created for level of fitness, techniques, and other factors. Many times, the groups are a group of friends or coworkers who wish to work out together, spouses, couples, etc. – anywhere from 2-6 people provides excellent instruction at affordable prices.

group benefits

The advantages of small groups are many. You get the encouragement and comradery of working out with others, and you also get the focused personal attention that is often lacking in larger group settings. Indeed, once the class size hits double digits, the “personal training” aspect gets lost. While larger classes are fine for those who want them, we find that our small group approach has proven very popular, likely because it’s so effective.

You get feedback and attention you simply can’t get anywhere else.  

focus on results 

It’s also very cost effective – you essentially get 2-6 people sharing the cost of one trainer. This makes for solid economics for many of our clients, and an exceptional value. 

As with all of our offerings, Alchemy Centre’s Small Group Personal Training focuses on “safe results.” We custom tailor our programs for the group, and always keep your comfort at the forefront. This doesn’t mean you won’t sweat, of course, but at Alchemy, we want you to leave with a “wow, that feels good” smile.