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North Vancouver’s Alchemy Centre has become a true wellness and fitness facility, focused on not only getting people into shape, but helping their overall health and well-being. Massage definitely fits right in with that, and we’re proud to offer relaxing, deep healing massage in Thai Massage and Swedish formats.

thai massage

Going back thousands of years, Thai massage is one of the world’s oldest healing and wellness methodologies. It involves gently moving and rocking your body, almost akin to Yoga. Combined with pressure in key areas (your body’s “Sen” energy lines), the result is a wholly relaxing and healing session. Your muscles relax, and you can feel your body’s energy align and flow. Stress washes away, and your flexibility increases. It’s a serious treat for both your body and your mind.

traditional swedish massage

Sandra also specializes in massage for relaxation and healing. Her technique is holistic in nature, helping to reduce stress. This approach, combined with myofascial and trigger point release techniques, as well as Swedish Massage and Trager massage, affords you the full healing benefits of professional massage, in a calm, serene atmosphere.